Pricing in Diamonds

At TRENCH we price our items solely using Diamonds. Doing so we enable you to trade without cost and keep the true value of your item!

Pricing in a new currency may seem tricky at the beginning. But we promise, after doing it once or twice it becomes as easy as pricing in Dollars or any other currency. Want to learn more about Diamonds and how they work? Go HERE!

To get started, here are our tips to help you price wisely:

  1. Learn from a fellow TRENCHie – simply browse through TRENCH and look for items that you think are similar to yours in style, condition or designer and price them accordingly.
  2. Be honest and think of the condition of the item - How many times was it worn? Is there a button missing? Set the price accordingly and keep it fair.
  3. Who, what, how much? - Items which were expensive or valuable or items from designer brands will usually be priced higher and will be purchased more.
  4. When you're already familiar with Trench's pricing, for new items you upload, think about how much you would pay for a similar item in Diamonds.
  5. Menu please - To make it easier for you, we made a pricing table that will help you to price your items fairly. The pricing table is based on the average pricing usually given by TRENCH’s users. The table is set only as a suggestion to show the array of prices and is not committing in anyway.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 14.41.16.png