Trench is your never-ending closet, at no expense.

There’s a wrong misbelief saying you cannot be a hardcore consumer and promote sustainability in fashion at the same time.

With Trench you can shop without opening your wallet, and part from clothes and accessories you no longer use without regret.

The Trench app is perfect for anyone who’s tired of losing an average of 70% of the original value when selling their fashion items on 2nd hand. Trench allows you to maintain the true value of your items, through a smart marketplace presenting an award-winning innovative trading model.

Renew your style on a daily basis. Sell the items you no longer use on TRENCH for Trench’s Digital Diamonds (You set the price!). Use the Diamonds you get to shop at your favorite closets. Bought something on TRENCH, wore it a few times and don’t plan on wearing it again? Sell it, even for the same price, whenever you want!

TRENCH is currently for women students and is created as a safe environment to share your personal closet.To those of you who do not fit in this category, we would like to let you know we are working on growing Trench to all.